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Riedel is supplying three main things: the artist panel intercoms, MediorNet video hub and RockNet, which routes audio distribution from the OB trucks to the arena, press center, viewing room and commentary booths. Here's the one under the stage. The box with the green lights is the MediorNet feeding video, ethernet and audio.

All screens come from the MediorNet and it feeds the commentator booths as well. Below the MediorNet is RockNet.

It's de-embedding audio from video so there's stereo left and right and it picks up all the atmosphere microphones. There are microphones located all around the arena, so people watching the broadcast can hear all the applause and cheering. If a performer sings a song and you don't hear any applause, it just seems weird, right? Here's sound FOH. If you look next to Geir's left hand, that panel with the red lights is one of the artist panels.

Lighting FOH has some too. Assuming you know which buttons to press, there are 16 ways to talk to someone from these. And hey, did you know that in Norway they call front of house the "spaa" or so I'm told.

All this time we thought these guys were getting pampered! And splitters on the upper deck. See those green and yellow cables on top of the office out there?

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