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We have wonderful herbs and vegetables ready to buy right now! Stop by your local SummerWinds Nursery for all of your plants and soil needs. For inspiration as to the many types of square foot gardens you can plant, check out William Sonoma's downloadable square foot garden guides.

The A-Z of gardening for millennials

For ideas on raised square foot garden beds and watering systems, check out gardeninminutes. A leading high-end retailer of garden and nursery products. SummerWinds appeals to both the serious and casual gardeners, with a broad selection of premium gardening products and a friendly and knowledgeable staff. Be Inspired Blog - Arizona. It's Easy!

Gardening in Arizona: Tips, Tricks and Resources

Posted on: March 08, During the summer months, you should look to cut your lawn roughly once a week depending on the weather. M is for This is basically any type of material that can be spread or laid over the top of soil. It is used to retain moisture and prevent weeds from sprouting in the soil. N is for Never Forgetting to Clean Your Tools. The easiest time to clean your lawnmower is straight after mowing the lawn when the grass is still moist.

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Remove any dirt or debris from the underside of the mower to reduce possible damage to the blade in the future and wipe down the wheels and body with a damp cloth. O is for Overgrown lawns. Before cutting the lawn, it's best to check for branches and stones as they can make their way into overgrown lawns. If the lawnmower catches these, it can damage the blade resulting in jagged, uneven and torn grass.

P is for Lawn pests come in all shapes and sizes, and can cause a range of problems for you and your garden. To limit the number of worms and ants, collect grass clippings every time you mow, clear away leaves and avoid excessive watering as all will attract the little critters. Q is for Instagram and other social media platforms are perfect for finding inspiration or answers to any gardening quibbles and queries you may have.

R is for Robotic Mowers.

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The robotic mower has changed the way we mow our lawns. Come day or night, rain or shine, these mowers will make its way around the garden cutting grass without human intervention — all you have to do is simply set up the guide wires and off it goes. S is for This is a term used when the lawn has been cut too short. If you're trying your hand at mowing you should always follow the one third rule: never cut more than a third of the blade of grass in one go, as cutting more than this can stress the grass.

T is for This interior trend is a fantastic way to turn your hand to gardening whether you have access to an outdoor space or not. Plant and grow your own indoor jungle within a contemporary glass container, which will add a decorative touch to any room in your home. U is for Urban Retreat. Many of us live in rented properties or have smaller gardens due to living in or near the city, meaning there's a need for lightweight and compact tools.

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Luckily, there are now so many gardening tools and equipment now available, which can be folded and stored away neatly, taking up a minimal amount of space. V is for Vertical Gardening.

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Free up your outdoor living space and take a vertical approach to gardening. A living wall will act as not only a focal point but also a welcome distraction from any missing planters and greenery on the ground. W is for Watering the Lawn. There is no specific time to give your lawn a hose down, but moisture is more likely to soak into the grass rather than evaporate early in the morning or late in the evening.

It's also best to avoid getting into the habit of watering your lawn immediately after mowing. X is for You may have missed out on this year's World Naked Gardening Day however you have plenty of time to get both you and your garden ready for Desert Gardening is my 8-week online class where I teach you what you need to know to garden successfully in the desert and enjoy doing it!

Through the Garden Gate is my membership site with valuable monthly content and a great community of fellow gardeners. I invite you to join a community of desert dwellers, like yourself, who are on the same journey. Click HERE to join! Sign Me Up. Both programs include LIVE group coaching from me!